The Well

Wellbeing is how we think and feel about ourselves, our lives and experiences.

The Well is an oasis of calm for children for quiet reflection in a friendly, welcoming cosy space.

The 'well-being' centre ensures that children who are most vulnerable or experiencing adversity at home, feel safe and can talk their issues through with a member of the pastoral team to share how they think and feel about themselves and help them to cope. The social and emotional skills, knowledge and behaviours that young people learn in The Well can help them to build resilience and set the pattern for how they will cope later in life.

The Well also allows for early identification of a child's needs. When those who may be in need of additional support are identified, children will spend short periods of time with pastoral staff playing or talking on a 1:1 basis, sharing their anxieties and worries. This gives staff a deeper understanding of where to signpost a child's needs.

When children and young people feel good about themselves, feel that their life is going well, they will feel more about to get on with their daily lives.

A few simple steps can make a real difference in children achieving a happy and healthy life now and in the future. These include:

  • Forming and maintaining positive relationships
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Taking time to relax
  • Recognising when help and support is needed and how to access it
  • Learning about and recognising safe behaviour and choices


Lunch club is an inclusive service for children of all ages at Colley lane. Children are sat at a dining table with staff during their lunch time, providing opportunities to foster trustful relationships within the school. Children who find the hustle and bustle of the main lunch hall difficult can enjoy the quiet, relaxed atmosphere of The Well lunch club and generally feel much happier and relaxed.

The Well lunch club also gives children the opportunity to play collaboratively with other children across school life, learning the social rules of play, cooperating with others, taking turns and practicing self-control.