Just to reassure parents that all children are completely safe and accounted for. The call that we received was an obvious hoax but we still followed procedure and informed the police and evacuated the building. The children followed standard fire evacuation procedures and were returned back to the school when we were told it was completely safe. Whilst outside of the building the only access to communications was facebook, Parentmail was used as soon as we could to send another communication to parents. Thank you for your understanding. We always put our childrens safety first.

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Colley Lane Primary School

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West Midlands Police Update

Please read this document sent out by the West Midlands Police following the recent hoax bomb phone calls.

Welcome to Colley Lane

Dear Parents, Welcome to Colley Lane Primary School!

At Colley Lane we are proud of our caring reputation, developed over 100 years of service to the Cradley Community, our academic, creative and sporting achievements and most of all, we are very proud of our children.
Our school building and its purpose built facilities offer the very best learning environment available.
The children are happy in school and are encouraged to do their best at all times. Our school motto is ’Never settle for less than your best’. The children are well behaved and they take pride in, and look after, their school and its grounds. We aim to provide a wide range of balanced learning opportunities for all children, to help them grow into independent and responsible people.
Working together with parents, we aim to do the best we can for all our children. Why not come and see what is going on at Colley Lane? Telephone to make a mutually convenient appointment and I can always assure you of a very warm and friendly welcome.

Headteacher - J.K White

Upcoming Events


Aladdin Pantomine

Year 1 - Year 6


Y3 Stone Age Day

Focus Day for Year 3 for their Stone Age Day.


Y2 Snowball Day

Y2 Snowball Day


February Spring Half Term

School is closed for Half Term


Y4 Tudor Day

Y4 Tudor Day


Netball Competition

Netball Competition


Y6 Museum Trip

Year 6 Museum Trip: 8.00-4.30


Parents Evening

Parents Evening: 1st - 2nd March

Recent Changes

Grammar Guide

This Grammar Guide is a helpful resource for parents who want to better their understanding and to help their children with grammar at school.

- IT Technicians - 22/01/2016

Change4Life - Sugar Smart

A new campaign has been launched this week to help parents understand the importance of controlling their child's sugar intake. Children are consuming far too much sugar, which can have a huge impact on a child's health to include trooth decay, weight gain and general wellbeing.

There's a new App to help see how much sugar there is in everyday food and drink.

- IT Technicians - 19/01/2016

BugClub/Active Learn Primary

If you are unaware, Bug Club (Active Learn Primary) is an online reading website that allows children to read books on any device which the school is subscribed to. Children can log on at home using their school log ons if they want to read (Teachers assign books based on reading levels. The school ID is cthh.

- IT Technicians - 15/10/2015