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Government Information

Find out more information regarding KS1 (Year 2) and KS2 (Year 6) SATs: what are they and why do children sit them?

Find out more information regarding school progress measures: what are raw scores and scaled scores?

Resources for SATs

Links for pupils: Englicious, PDF100 spellings

Check out our English and Maths pages to learn more about individual subjects.

If you would like to see the CGP books you can buy for your child and what content is within each book for their revision, please go to their website.

Compare4Kids Boot Camps

Useful links for revision

Diary Dates

Parent's Evening
School Parent's Evening
16th & 17th October 2018
Year 6 Wolverhampton Uni
Year 6 Wolverhampton Uni
17th & 24th October 2018
Pupil Photos
Pupil photograph day
25th October 2018
Last day of term!
Last day of school before half term!
26th October 2018
School opens!
School is back open to all pupils and staff.
5th November 2018
Year 6 cinema!
Year 6 trip to the cinema!
16th November 2018
Flu Vaccinations
Flu Vaccinations.
26th November 2018

Term Dates