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Last modified: 12 September 2017 11:18:29 GMT

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Eco Council meet every couple of weeks to discuss important school matters and how best to go about keeping the school as Eco friendly as possible.

Eco Council consists of 23 students from across all years at Colley Lane.

Every Friday lunchtime, Eco Council counts litter in each part of the school grounds and we put the information in a litter survey.

Every Thursday the school recycle paper and card.

To save electricity, some rooms have automatic sensors which turns the lights off when nobody is in the room.

Eco Council runs a school shop every Friday Lunchtime selling items which have been made from recycled materials; raising money to help pay for new eco friendly intuitives in school.

Item Made From Price
Assorted Rubbers £0.50
Bookmarks Recycled Leather £1.00
Colley Lane Rubber/Sharpener £0.85
Colley Lane Notebook £1.50
Other Notebook £1.50
Crayons £1.00
Key Rings £0.75
Large Water Bottles £1.00
Small Water Bottles £0.75
Pencils Recycled Newspapers £0.35
Pens Recycled CD Cases £0.50
Torch £2.00
Yo-Yos £0.75

Diary Dates

Year 1 & 2 PJ Party
Pyjama party for KS1 until 4pm.
Monday 18th December 2017
Year 4 VE Day Party!
Party for year 4.
Monday 18th December 2017
Year 2 parents in for hot chocolate 2.30pm
Year 2 parents in for hot chocolate 2.30pm
Tuesday 19th December 2017
Last day of term!
Last day of school before Christmas!!
Wednesday 20th December 2017