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If you want to see all the pictures of Nala, please go to our Gallery.

Update on Nala

Posted on the 15/03/2017

15th March 2017

Nala is now 8 months old and she seems to be getting bigger and bigger! She is settling into school really well and is quite content and used to the sites, sounds and smells. Her training is going great and so we hope to take our second trip to the DHK headquarters in Devon very soon to do her advanced training course.

Nala now spends a little time each week with children in school, usually one at a time where we go for short walks around the school grounds, practice some training or simply sit quietly and listen to a child read. She is always very calm and well mannered around the children and is always more than happy to receive some fuss and grooming. The children at Colley Lane have been wonderful with Nala, they understand that she is still very young and that she is still training and so remain calm and quiet around her and always give her the space and respect that she needs.

Nala's DHK Training

Posted on the 5/12/2016

5th December 2016

Nala is now 19 weeks old and is doing really well, she is very sweet, funny and very clever! On 18th November Nala and her owner / handler Mrs. Carter traveled to North Devon to the Dogs Helping Kids HQ where Nala had her first training session (puppy training). It was a very long day but this did not stop Nala from showing off her amazing training abilities, and she proved that her daily training / socialization routines with Mrs. Carter and dog trainer Mark Hadley are really working.

Nala has now started to visit the school for a short time each day, after school closes or while the children are busy working in their classrooms, so that she can get used to the school environment gradually and will learn to love being there. She will have little contact with the children over the next 12 months but will continue to work hard with her training both inside and outside of the school to prepare her for the exciting journey ahead!

Meet Nala... Our Newest Member of Staff

Posted on the 4/10/2016

4th October 2016

Meet Nala, her name means 'lioness' and 'successful leader'.

Nala is a Leonberger which originated from Germany. She is of the working dog category and they are often trained as search and rescue, water rescue and therapy dogs. They are a very friendly, docile and clever breed who love human company.

She is currently 10 weeks old and has already started her training and socialisation with dog trainer Mark Hadley of Mark's Modern Dog Training and in November will begin a 2 year training course with Dogs Helping Kids.

We will begin to introduce her to Colley Lane when she reaches 12/13 weeks old to allow her to integrate gradually with the school environment, the staff and pupils.

Diary Dates

Inset Day!
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Monday 26th June 2017
Year 6 Water Aid
Year 6 Water Aid - No tuck on this day!
Tuesday 27th June 2017
Kosmic Krew
Pantomime production for years 1-6!
Tuesday 27th June 2017
Year 3 Swimming
Please remember to bring your swimming clothes!
Tuesday 27th June 2017